The Monmouth County Planning Board (MCPB) is an active, results-oriented organization whose overall goals are to influence the process of growth and change in the County so that it works for all citizens and to safeguard the heritage of the County’s current and future generations by encouraging the preservation of our natural landscapes and other valued resources and by promoting excellence in township design.

Guiding Principles

Planning provides a process that assists citizens and community leaders in directing future changes.

Planning will be more responsive and effective if it involves a broad cross-section of the County's citizens and business, academic, and civic leadership.

Planning should facilitate the development of communities that offer citizens a high quality of life by meeting their need for a good job, an affordable home, efficient transportation, and access to leisure, recreational, and cultural opportunities.

Planning recognizes that human needs can and must be met in harmony with nature.

Planning acknowledges that the built environment is the product of many conscious decisions and has a profound impact on the way we live our lives. Our cities and towns should be beautiful as well as functional and should be designed with care and forethought.

What We Seek

Foster the development of communities and neighborhoods that have a distinct character and identity and that offer the best possible conditions in which to live, work, shop, and play.

Protect and enhance the County's important natural, historical, architectural, archeological, scenic and recreational resources.

Manage and protect our bay and ocean shorelines and productive farmlands as special regional assets that play a central role in defining the County's character.

Promote excellence in the design of the built environment as a way of improving the County's visual image and strengthening community life.

Dedicate ourselves to some of the time-proven principles that produced the traditional American town:

Encourage the development of well-planned centers that contain homes, businesses, community facilities, and parks within walking distances of each other.

Re-invigorate the public realm by providing lively, pedestrian oriented streets and spaces.

Re-establish the downtown as the traditional center of commerce, culture, and civic activity.

Achieving Our Mission

Maintain a challenging, creative, and cooperative working environment that attracts talented, committed professionals and helps them become more effective as practitioners and people.

Provide the best possible service to our constituents by being accessible and accountable, by maintaining and demonstrating a high level of expertise, and by being a valued source of information and guidance that is clear and concrete, timely and relevant, and reliable.

Anticipate emerging trends and issues and articulate choices and recommend directions for the future.

Play a leading role in and act as a clearinghouse for the exchange and advancement of ideas that improve planning and our quality of life.

Work with the State, other County agencies, and our municipalities to establish a coordinated and effective planning process.

Work with the County's citizens and business, academic, and civic leadership to develop a shared and compelling vision of where we want to be and a strategy that describes the steps and resources needed to get there.

Prepare a comprehensive County plan that provides a framework for municipal planning and for public and private actions that affect the County's development and redevelopment.

Develop an appropriate program of planning, outreach, participation, and assistance aimed at achieving the vision and implementing the plan.

Design and give priority to studies and initiative that will lead to real improvements in the lives of our citizens.

This Mission Statement was the last project of long time planning staff member, David W. Morris, Jr. before his untimely death in July of 1992. The Mission Statement reflects his vision for the planning efforts in the County of Monmouth. This Statement was enthusiastically adopted by the Monmouth County Planning Board in August of 1992, and is dedicated to Dave

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