Larval Mosquito Surveillance

Surveillance is the key component in all IPM based activities. Inspectors receive training on the methodology of proper surveillance technology and identification of potential mosquito breeding habitat. Larval surveys represent the most frequently used tool for determining the prevalence of mosquitoes in any habitat.

Larval samples are taken and identified on site or returned to the laboratory for identification. After identification, a determination is made as to the most appropriate method of remediation. This can be accomplished using source reduction techniques. However, applications of registered larvicides are most frequently used to treat the area.

The Mosquito Control Division maintains larval breeding records electronically. The Pilot-Inspector maintains records of all aerial larviciding activity. Mosquito habitat is evaluated from the air. When sites are identified as being conducive to breeding, the inspector will land and sample, and when determined to be necessary, will apply the appropriate larvicide at rates recommended on the manufacturer's label and registered with USEPA and NJDEP. GIS technology is used in mapping and locating new potential breeding locations.

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