What happens with an inspection

If you are experiencing a bad mosquito problem, an inspector can visit your property to look for standing water sources that support mosquito larvae. If larvae are found, the inspector will either treat the water or in the case of a container such as a bucket, dump the water.

A typical inspection will survey your property and adjacent properties (provided that permission to enter is granted by the owner or resident). If you identify a suspected source not on your property, our staff will still check that property for water sources that may be overlooked.

Our goal is to control mosquitoes before they become biting adult mosquitoes. We do not apply treatments to eliminate flying mosquitoes, rather eliminate larvae at the source; you do not need to be home at the time of the inspection. Our inspector will leave a note with the findings. Please note concerns or obstacles such as locked gates or outside pets in the comments section of this request form.

Depending on demand, an inspector should visit within 7-10 business days.

Click here for the Request a Courtesy Inspection Form 

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