Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program

The Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program (CCMP) is a joint effort between the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, the Monmouth County Department of Health, and local health agencies. During the bathing beach season, 49 stations are monitored on a weekly basis for enterococcus bacteria. An enterococcus bacterium is best suited for predicting the presence of pathogens that cause illness and shows the best relationship to swimming-associated gastroenteritis.

The single sample maximum allowable density of enterococci in marine waters is 104 per 100 ml of sample. Any sample that exceeds 104 will trigger an advisory and the beach waters will be resampled to confirm the original result. A second sample greater than 104 will require a beach closing until a sample result is again within the standard. There will be no change in sampling day or station locations.

To view sampling results in your area, visit the New Jersey Ocean Beach Information Page.

Stormwater Advisory

Stormwater runoff can cause health standards to be exceeded for water contact recreational activities in streams, estuaries, and the ocean.

Levels of bacteria and other pollutants can rise significantly in water bodies from storm drains, streams, wetlands, and sediments, especially during and after rainfall.

The Health Department recommends that you avoid contact with water near stormwater outfall pipes, streams, and wetlands during and after rainfall or when water becomes discolored from suspended sediments.

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