NJ State Firefighter 1 Certification Form   You must submit this to get a FF1 State Cert

Example of NJ State FF1 Certification  This is what you must submit to us to be accepted into FF2

FF2 Class 2019 Flyer

FF2 Class 2019 schedule

FF2 Class 2019 syllabus

FF2 Class 2019 HW and Quiz Schedule


FF2 Class Application -- deadline for application is


MCFA Ladder Guidelines

FF Physical and Mental Demands

Click System Article

Click System PPT

Radio Report Template

Firefighter 2 Students

Be Advised. The Division does not provide Books for Firefighter 2.  You must bring your own to first day of class. It is the same book we are currently using for Firefighter 1.

The DFS stated that you do not need to purchase the New Jersey edition -- it can be the generic edition -- can purchase it from Jones and Bartlett or anywhere you can get it. There are a lot of sites that offer it. Google it
Here is the Amazon link:

Here is ISBN: 978-1-284-15133-6 



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