Reclamation Center Rules

The following applies to all customers, both commercial haulers and residents:

  • 25 mph site wide and traffic signs must be obeyed at all times
  • Tarps and covers are required for all open loads
  • Solid waste is not accepted from out-of-county routes
  • All vehicles charged on actual tonnage or part thereof
  • Tires may not be mixed with other materials (additional surcharge)
  • Asbestos accepted by appointment only (Wednesdays & Saturdays)

Prohibited Recyclables:

  • Newspapers
  • Glass food and beverage containers
  • Aluminum and tin food containers
  • Large metal appliances
  • Leaves
  • Auto and household batteries
  • High grade office paper and corrugated cardboard will not be accepted from commercial or institutional sources.
  • Concrete and asphalt (asphalt shingles are accepted),
  • Tree stumps and parts over 3 inches in Diameter. However, carloads may include small amounts of these bulky items.
  • Any liquid or hazardous materials are prohibited. If you have any liquids or hazardous materials call the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 732-683-8686, ext. 5210. Monmouth County has a Solid Waste Enforcement team stationed at the landfill to monitor compliance with all State and County requirements. Fines can be assessed.

Dumping Permits: are not required for vehicles with a registered gross weight of 9,000 Lbs. or less & dumping personal waste. The weight limitation for "vehicle & trailer" combinations, hauling personal waste is 16,000 lbs. All others, including vehicles registered for less than 9,000 pounds, but hauling others' waste, must click here for the NJDEP license permit information.

For a free copy of the Recycling Directory on how to handle recyclables and hazardous materials, go the Recycling and Solid Waste Planning page to learn more.

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