Coronavirus Disease/COVID-19 Executive Order FAQ's

You may have questions concerning Governor Murphy's Executive Order in response to COVID-19. Read commonly-asked questions pertaining to this order.

1. The counties are concerned with the quarantine procedures being exploited to affect custody issues with divorced parents. Is there any guidance or precedence for these matters?
This may be a local law enforcement issue—there’s nothing in the (Executive Order) EO that would affect the validity of current custody orders.

2. What are the guidelines on closing adult daycares?
When the Department of Health (DOH) closes a daycare they do so through written order with information on that closure.

3. Are counties and municipalities allowed to place tougher restrictions other than what was written in EO 107 & 108?
The counties cannot enact tougher restrictions unless permitted under EO 108. They can request that the Director of OEM allow for additional restrictions in a particular jurisdiction.

4. Are hotels and motels for lodging exempt? Are these essential due to some Section 8 and extended stay issues?
Hotels and motels are not retail establishments so are not closed by the EO—also they would be considered residences for some people.

5. Are companies that provide shredding services for medical facilities considered essential/are they considered a necessity for medical facilities to continue functioning?
These service providers are not retailers covered by the EO.

6. Are landscapers exempt? Are they considered maintenance and custodial for businesses that don't close or can't work remotely?
Landscapers appear to be a service not closed by the EO.

7. Are funerals/wakes canceled with weddings and other events?
Funerals and weddings don’t have to be canceled but they would have to abide by the 10 person gathering limit. A wedding with an officiant, the couple and up to seven witnesses would be permitted.

8. Do the counties that closed child daycare have to reopen them based on the Governor saying his EO supersedes all other orders? We think that if a county ordered daycares to close, enforcing that order would violate EO 108.

 9. Are nanny services allowed to operate?
 Yes—nannies would probably be considered caretakers, and also not retail.

10. Can you provide clarification on personal training facilities? Are they considered gyms or fitness centers as part of EO 104?  If a trainer does one on one fitness training, can they continue?
The answer here would depend on where they are located—are they in a fitness center or gym (those are closed). And can the training take place in groups of less than 10 people.

11. Does mobile dog grooming fall under the EO?
This is not a retail business. But they must follow social distancing.

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