• 2021 Web ID Guidelines and Form


Some Guidelines 

Please ensure that the applications being sent in are completed in full prior to emailing them to the Academy. 


All of the information on the application is necessary in order to receive an ID card. If the application in not complete, we cannot issue a card.
Additionally, we are receiving a lot of applications without DFS #’s. If a member does not have a DFS#, they cannot be issued a card.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
We apologize for all of the updates.  However, as you can imagine, we are receiving a large amount of emails in regards to the ID cards and in an order to streamline the process; additional instructions need to be sent out as different situations occur.

1. Pictures that are sent in must be accompanied by an Eligibility form. Additionally, any email being sent in regards to an ID Card must have the firefighter name and fire department in the subject line. (Pictures are being sent with no name, form, or fire department name.)
2. You will only be issued one card. If you are a member of more than one Fire Department, we can fit two Department names per card. You must get an eligibility form filled out and signed by the Chief of the Department of EACH department. Both eligibility forms and the picture MUST be sent to us at the same time, in the same email.



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