Geographic Information Systems


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology uses computer based tools to create, store, analyze, and display data. It enables the understanding of patterns and relationships linking data with geographic coordinates or features to communicate information spatially. GIS provides a common visual language that helps the user understand what belongs where.

Monmouth County GIS has a NEW open data GeoHub! 

The new Monmouth County NJ GeoHub can be accessed at the following web address:

Please Note: Monmouth County’s publicly accessible GIS data is now available for download without the need of a separate file transfer protocol (FTP) website. 

Please visit  to access the County's most requested data.

Monmouth County GIS no longer provides map creation services to non-governmental entities. Instead, online resources have been created that provide for self-service mapping capabilities including the Monmouth County Property Viewer, Monmouth County Self Service Mapping Application, the Wastewater Management Plan Viewer and other Interactive Web Maps and Applications. Please view the FAQ section in the NEW Monmouth County NJ GeoHub for information on available GIS resources.

Please visit to access these resources.

Forward any questions to Thank you.

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