“Dollar-a-Day” Automobile Insurance 

A compact automobile
What is the Dollar-a-Day policy?

The Dollar-a-Day policy is a new initiative to help make auto insurance available to licensed drivers who are likely to go uninsured because of limited financial resources.

Who is eligible to get this policy?

Individuals who are currently enrolled in Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare Plan A including, but not limited to, the aged and disabled, pregnant women and children up to age 21. In addition, certain low income NJ FamilyCare beneficiaries may also qualify This does not include those individuals who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence but have not been here at least 5 years. Additionally, it does not include WFNJ/GA individuals or single adults and couples without children.

How do I get a policy?

The Dollar-a-Day policy can be obtained through most insurance companies. 

You can call an agent, or if you're not sure how to get one, you can call the Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (PAIP) customer service number at 1-800-652-2471, or visit the Department of Banking and Insurance web site at www.nj.gov/cgi-bin/dobi/paip/paipmenu.cgi for assistance.

What do I need to bring when I apply for this policy?

In addition to drivers' licenses for all operators of the vehicle to be insured and the vehicle's registration, you need to bring a Medicaid or NJ FamilyCare identification card which shows that all individuals who are to be covered under the policy are currently enrolled in Medicaid or NJ FamilyCare Plan A or those described above.

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