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"Your Needs Are Our Concern"

A mother playing with daughterBE A FOSTER PARENT

New Jersey has many children who need the support of loving foster parents.  Some of these children are babies temporarily in hospitals.

Foster care is temporary family-based care for children who are not able to live at home.  Foster parents are special people who provide the same care that a child's own parents would provide.

Being a foster parent is a big responsibility.  The requirements for becoming a foster parent are not complicated, and the Division of Youth and Family Services will help anyone interested in becoming a foster parent through the steps needed to become a foster parent.  Training will also be provided to help foster parents understand the special needs a foster child may have.  The Division provides many supports to assist with care of foster children.

A foster parent can experience the joy of parenting, even if it is temporary, and can also have the satisfaction of knowing that a positive difference has been made in the life of a child.

New Jersey is a diverse state, with people of many races and ethnic groups.  The children served by DYFS, including those who need foster care or are waiting for adoptive homes, reflect the many cultures and backgrounds of the state population.  DYFS is also seeking foster and adoptive families who mirror this diversity and will welcome children from different backgrounds into their homes.

To learn about becoming a foster parent, call 1-877-NJFOSTER (1-877-653-6783) or visit the NJ Foster Care web site:


If a child has spent a certain period of time in foster care, the state may proceed through the courts with terminating parental rights. This will then allow the child to be adopted. The Division of Youth and Family Services provides a variety of programs for adoptive parents and special needs children including a monthly support payment, clothing allowance, medical insurance for the adopted child and legal fees for the adoption.

There is a special need for special needs children and older children.

If you think that you can provide a suitable permanent home for a child, please contact DYFS for information by calling 1-800-99-ADOPT or visit their web site at

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