County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Superintendent of Schools

Professional Staff

The main phone number is 732-431-7810. Please see the individual extensions below for all professional and support staff.

Dr. Lester W. Richens - Interim Executive County Superintendent of Schools

Oversees the districts in the county in regard to their success in maintaining compliance with State and Federal regulations and heads the county staff of professional and non-professional persons.

  • Secretary: Hatice Hansen, ext. 7817

Interim Executive County Business Official 

Coordinates all county school districts budget preparation, financial management, facilities and transportation. Acts as liaison of New Jersey Department of Education.

  • Secretary - Hatice Hansen ext. 7817 and Olga Gerace, ext. 7828

Deborah Bleisnick -  County Educational Specialist

Coordinates and assists districts with meeting federal and state policy regulations. Provides direction and guidance to districts regarding all academic, assessment, and evaluation initiatives. Provides assistance interpreting various procedural guidelines, and assisting in the fiscal and program planning process for academic programs.

  • Secretary: Lindsay Brown ext. 7823

Colleen M. Dalrymple - County Supervisor of Child Study

Assures compliance with State and Federal Law for educationally disabled students within local school districts and private schools assigned.

  • Secretary: Lindsay Brown ext. 7823

County Certification Officer - Donna Pesci  ext. 7825 

County Transportation Coordinator - Olga Gerace ext. 7828

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