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Monmouth County Mosquito Control

Hiring a private pesticide company? 

Get helpful tips on hiring a pest control company

Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division recognizes that some residents may wish to hire a private pesticide company to control flying mosquitoes on their properties. Please note that none of these companies are affiliated in any way with the Monmouth County Mosquito Control Division. Any suggestion to that effect is simply false.

When hiring a private company, please ask to see the labels of the products being applied. The person applying a product registered as a pesticide with USEPA on a property other than his or her own must be licensed by the NJDEP Pesticide Program. To apply pesticides specific to mosquitoes, the person must be licensed in Category 8B Mosquito Control. Some products, such as plant-derived essential oils, are not regulated as pesticides. Therefore, a license is not required to use these products. 

Be aware that applying a pesticide to kill flying mosquitos is a temporary fix. Unless the water source supporting mosquito larvae is addressed, biting mosquitos will quickly return.

More information on choosing a pest control company from the EPA.