County of Monmouth
Assessment Demonstration Program

Important notice to all Monmouth County taxpayers concerning their property assessment.

In 2013 the Assessment Demonstration Program, (P.L. 2013, c. 15) was signed into law for New Jersey. Monmouth County began implementation of this new program in 2014. The Assessors of 45 Monmouth County municipalities are participating in performing “annual reassessments” with the intent of increasing the accuracy of each individual assessment thereby making the system more transparent and reducing the costs associated with the appeal of inaccurate assessments.

While there are several components of the Assessment Demonstration Program, the overarching goal is to annually provide more accurate and uniform property assessments for fairer distribution of the annual property tax levy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

*ADP Update 2018*

*2019 ADP Executive Summary*



Assessment Demonstration Program Documents:

Original 2013 Program Summary 

Legislation PL 2013 Ch 15

Implementation Schedule

Revised Calendar

New Material Depreciation Law for ADP

 MOODY'S Report

 New Legislation: S2029 Technology Based Real Property Assessment Transition Act