County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Shared Services

Municipal Assistance/Shared Service Program

This service allows local government entities to request various services from the county, such as street sweeping, snow plowing, application and storage of salt, specialized mowing, use of equipment (with operator), guardrail installation, tree trimming, vehicle repair, towing, diesel emission inspection, fueling and truck washing. The cost of these services (if applicable) will be the actual cost to the County, including materials and labor.
If a municipality is interested in participating in this program:
  1. Contact The Office of Shared Services by phone at 732-431-7460, ext. 2115 or by email at
  2. Enter into a Municipal Assistance Shared Services Agreement
  3. Submit a completed request form to the County
  4. County to provide price quote
  5. Entity receives contracted service(s)

For further assistance, contact Shared Services by phone at 732-431-7460.

Shared Service Municipal Assistance List of Available Services