County of Monmouth
Consumer Public Health/Inspection Services

Consumer Public Health / Inspection Services

Consumer Public Health enforces public health laws and regulations which include but are not limited to Body Art, Childhood lead (Pb) investigations, Food Surveillance and Sanitation, Public Health Nuisance complaints, Public Recreational Bathing, Rabies and Zoonosis, Septic Systems and Wells, the Smoke Free Air Act, Tanning Facilities and Youth Camps.

Body Art Procedures

Businesses which perform tattooing, permanent cosmetic procedures and ear/body piercings are regulated by Chapter 8 of the State Sanitary Code to ensure that adequate sterilization, sanitation, and safety standards are maintained. Inspectors conduct yearly inspections in addition to investigation of any complaints received.

Childhood Lead (Pb) Investigations

Inspections are conducted as a response to confirmed elevated childhood blood lead levels, in collaboration with the MCHD Case Manager and Lead Coordinator.  MCHD Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors maintain a separate license issued by the State of NJ Department of Health.

Food Surveillance and Sanitation

Food establishments must operate in accordance with Chapter 24 of the NJ State Sanitary Code. Food establishments within the Department's jurisdiction are inspected at least once per year. Citizen complaints are investigated. Enforcement action is taken as necessary to ensure compliance with sanitary standards. All records are available to patrons.

Retail Food Establishments

Temporary & Seasonal Operations

Food Safety For The Consumer

Public Health Nuisance Complaints

Complaints are normally initiated by residents and may include: noxious weeds, housing, solid waste, insects, rodents, and malfunctioning plumbing or septic systems. The public health nuisance code is a municipally enacted ordinance. Call 732-431-7456 X 8580 for assistance.

Public Recreational Bathing

Recreational bathing sites are inspected at least twice during the operating season to insure compliance with NJ State Sanitary Code for Public Recreational Bathing.

Rabies & Zoonosis

If you are a resident of the State of NJ, you are eligible to participate in any of the free rabies clinics statewide, regardless of your municipality of residence. MCHD Member municipalities provide rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats. Specific dates and locations are listed on the MCHD Calendar of Events page (below) or can be obtained by calling the health department. This office coordinates specimens requiring rabies testing through the NJ PHEL laboratory.


Septic System & Well Inspections

The Health Department oversees the approvals and the inspections of septic systems and wells for our member municipalities. Inspections are conducted throughout the entire installation of the approved system to ensure compliance with state regulations and requirements.

Septic System

Well Construction and Maintenance

Smoke Free Air Act Initiative

Since January 2006, smoking has been prohibited in most New Jersey indoor public places. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, and most other businesses with public access must be maintained smoke free. Citizen complaints regarding smoking indoors are investigated with violations issued non-compliance.

NJ Tobacco Control

Tanning Facilities

Inspections of tanning facilities are conducted to ensure compliance with state regulations including general sanitation and disinfection, state registration of the facility, signage, customer protection. training and record keeping. 

Youth Camps

Youth Camps are inspected for basic sanitation, immunizations, adequate food handling, and compliance with State regulations in such areas as swimming, boating, archery, horseback riding, and others.