County of Monmouth
Monmouth County Historical Commission

Preservation Awards Program


The Commission’s annual Preservation Award program recognizes those who have preserved historic structures located in Monmouth County. Eligible are private citizens, organizations, businesses, municipalities or any one group who recently preserved an historic structure. The only ineligible applicant would be a property which received a Preservation Grant from the Commission.

Each year a number of gratified honorees receive this recognition for difficult, time-consuming, and costly historic preservation projects, which are regrettably often ignored. Since Monmouth County is a large county where much preservation work escapes the awareness of the Commissioners, we are eager to see more applications and solicit your interest in recommending nominations and help expand knowledge of this program

The nomination form, simple by design, gives ample opportunity for the applicant to explain about the project’s worthwhile contribution to historic preservation in their community. The enclosed sample form may be reproduced as needed, or may be printed from the County’s web page at under Department drop-down accessing the Historical Commission’s web page and the Preservation Awards Program link:

The key dates to remember are deadline to submit nominations, April 21, 2021 and the Award’s Night, June 7, 2021. I can assist you with the nomination’s process or answer any other questions you may have regarding this program via email at or call 732-431-7460 ext. 7413, preferably Monday or Wednesday.

John Fabiano, Executive Director

Preservation Awards Cover Letter
Preservation Awards Nomination Form