County of Monmouth

For Immediate Release:
September 27, 2023

MCHD responded to Hepatitis A case in Asbury Park

ASBURY PARK, NJ – The Monmouth County Health Department was notified by a healthcare provider that a staff member employed by Cardinal Provisions located at 513 Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park tested positive for Hepatitis A.

MCHD staff visited the establishment and conducted an inspection, which found no evidence of food safety violations. The facility voluntarily closed its operation and did not reopen until all exposed employees were vaccinated.

An investigation found that this employee worked while infectious on September 7-10, 12, 14, and 21. While it is uncommon for restaurant patrons to become infected with Hepatitis A virus due to an infected food handler, anyone who consumed food or drinks at Cardinal Provisions during the aforementioned period should consider receiving a vaccination within two weeks from the last date of exposure, monitor their health for symptoms of Hepatitis A infection up to 50 days after exposure, wash their hands with soap and warm water frequently and thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food, and stay at home and contact their healthcare provider immediately if symptoms of Hepatitis A infection develop.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver that can cause loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness, fever, stomach pain, brown-colored urine, and light-colored stools. Yellowing of the skin or eyes may occur. People can become ill up to seven weeks after being exposed to the virus. If you experience symptoms associated with Hepatitis A, the MCHD advises you to contact your healthcare provider.

For more information, please contact the Monmouth County Health Department at 732-431-7456 or go to

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