County of Monmouth

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July 10, 2018

Monmouth County reminds all residents to keep plastic bags out of recycling
Recyclables should be placed loose in containers for pickup

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County recycling experts are reminding residents to put all recyclables loose in curbside containers with no plastic bags.

“By correctly recycling, we save the County money and protect the environment from additional landfill space,” said Freeholder Director Thomas A. Arnone, liaison to the Monmouth County Recycling Office. “We want to make sure all Monmouth County residents are informed of the correct practices and that they are recycling as much as possible.”

Monmouth County Recycling Coordinator Fran Metzger says that residents can reuse plastic bags as much as possible or take them to a local retailer or grocery store where they are often collected for recycling.

“We are finding that many residents are either lining their recycling containers with large bags or placing their recycling into plastic bags and then into the recycling containers,” said Metzger. “Consequently, the recycling is not getting picked up in many municipalities because it is not disposed of properly.”

The following items are mandated for recycling in Monmouth County:

· Glass bottles and jars

· Metal cans: aluminum, tin or bimetal or non-hazardous aerosol cans

· Plastic bottles: Only types #1 and #2 with “pourable neck smaller than body,” such as soda, water or detergent bottles.

· Paper, cardboard, junk mail, newspapers, magazines

Please empty and rinse these materials.

Do not put the following items in recycling:

· Plastic bags of any kind

· Margarine, yogurt, food storage/takeout plastics or diaper wipe containers

· Aluminum foil, plates, trays or cookware or any metal scrap

· Lightbulbs, ceramic dishes, glassware or windows

· Lids or caps

· Leaves or grass clippings

· Any paper or cardboard that has been used such as napkins or pizza boxes

Many other items can be donated or recycled as well through special programs or drop offs in individual municipalities. The Monmouth County Resident’s Recycling Guide provides more detailed information and is available on

For more information on recycling in Monmouth County, contact the Recycling Department at 732-683-8686, ext. 6721 or 8967.