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OCTOBER 12, 2002


1. William Franklin, the illegitimate son of Benjamin Franklin, was the last Royal Governor of New Jersey and remained loyal to the King. T or F

2. After the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778, Sandy Hook was the only part of New Jersey that remained in British control. T or F

3. Monmouth County residents were arrested during the Revolutionary War for visiting Staten Island, then held by the British. T or F

4. During and after the Revolutionary War, the property of "Refugees," residents who had joined the British army, was confiscated. T or F

5. Patriots were often called Whigs during the Revolutionary War. T or F

6. "The Jersey Precedent" refers to the principle of judicial review, first applied in 1780 when New Jersey Supreme Court Justice David Brearley ruled that part of a state law concerning the seizure of Loyalist property was unconstitutional. Tor F

7. During the Revolutionary War, Monmouth County included what is now Ocean County. T or F

8. In 1780, Colonel Tye, formerly a slave named Titus in Monmouth County and a leader of Loyalist raiding parties, died of lockjaw after being shot in the wrist by Joshua Huddy. T or F

9. From 1780 to 1783, General David Forman was chairman of Monmouth County's Association for Retaliation, a vigilante group that meted out revenge on the relatives of Loyalist raiders. T or F

10. In 1782, Captain Joshua Huddy was captured by the Associated Loyalists near Toms River and hung at Highlands, near the shore, in revenge for the murder by the New Jersey militia of a British raider, Philip White. T or F

all answers are true

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