American Revolution Records, 1778-1855

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
SERIES: American Revolution Records
DATES: 1778-1855
VOLUME: 2 boxes, 0.5 cubic feet


The American Revolution Records held by the Monmouth County Archives is a small collection that includes pension requests, inquisitions & confiscations, denied widow applications, and paymaster bonds.


Under the March 1818 act of Congress entitled, "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the Land and Naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary war," surviving Revolutionary war veterans were allowed to apply for pensions.

The Monmouth County Archives holds the applications of 43 veterans, their widows or children who applied to the County Court of Common Pleas during the period 1818 to 1855. Pensions were not made available to all veterans only those who were unable to earn their own living or to support their families due to age or infirmity.

Each petitioner was required to make a "declaration" of his eligibility which included his age; the name of his commanding officer or officers; and company and regiment during his service.

The applicant also was required to include an inventory of his personal and real estate. Among the items listed on the applications were the house and number of acres; farming equipment or tools of his trade; farm animals; and all household articles.

Finally, the applicant named each family member, including ages, living in the house at the time of application. In many cases, the declarations name grandchildren who, for whatever reason, were living with the petitioner. Also included on the declaration was the pensioner's occupation. The official declaration was then assigned a pension number.


The bulk of the American Revolution Records held by the Monmouth County Archives are pension requests. Other records included in the collection are

Tory Inquisitions and Confiscations of Property

Allen to Woodward


List of Widows (Applications Denied)



Paymaster Bonds – Monmouth Brigade

Allen to Suydam


ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: This collection is open to researchers.


This collection is available on microfilm. For preservation reasons, originals will only be retrieved under exceptional circumstances.



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ACQUISITION INFORMATION: This collection was transferred to the Monmouth County Archives by County Clerk.

PROCESSING INFORMATION: Finding aid created by Mary Ann Keirnan and updated in 2007. Finding aid updated by Tara Christiansen in July 2013.

RELATED MATERIAL: Miscellaneous Book B, available to view online


Due to the small number of pension requests held by the Archives, we have listed each of the 43 applicants below.





Ager, Hugh


3rd Jersey


Allen, Jacob




Bennett, Samuel
2 applications




Brittan, Daniel


2nd Jersey


Carhart, Cornelius



Chaffy, Thomas


1st Jersey


Chambers, James


Lee’s Legion


Chasey, John


4th Jersey


Clayton, Henry


3rd Jersey


Collins, Stephen


3rd Jersey


Conover, John M.
By nieces & nephews



Coward, Joseph


Polaski’s Legion


Crum, Richard
3 applications


New York Artillery


Davison, Jacob


Polaski’s Legion


Eldridge, John
By children



Hier, Hendrick


1st Jersey


Hankins, Zachariah


New Jersey Militia


Jeffery, Humphrey




Johnson, Henry


2nd Jersey


Johnston, Phillip
By daughters


Karney, Gilbert


15th Virginia


Lewis, Daniel


5th and 2nd


Malcolm, Hugh


6th Maryland


McGee, Daniel


4th Pennsylvania


Megahon, Michael


2nd Pennsylvania


Mitchel, Richard


7th Jersey


Norket, Dennis




Pease, Jonathan


3rd Jersey


Peterson, Abraham


3rd Jersey


Poland, John


2nd Jersey


Quay, John


4th Virginia


Reed, Henry


Col. Spencer


Rhea, David
By A. David, caretaker


Schenck, William


6th Jersey


Smith, James
2 applications


4th Jersey


Stout, David
Affidavit of deceased
By heirs


Stricker, Henry


12th Pennsylvania


Thorne, Richard


1st Jersey


Truex, John


3rd Jersey


Walling, Joseph
Widow’s application


Wood, Mathias




In addition to the 1820 Pension Applications, the Monmouth County Archives holds additional applications including:

Applications by militia men or their widows under the Act of Assembly entitled, “An act for the relief and support of maimed and disabled soldiers, officers, and seaman and of the widows and children.” The applications by the disabled soldiers or the widows of soldiers killed in action cover the period 1779 to 1790. 

Applications by surviving heirs during the 1840’s.

Chambers, James, application dated 1849
died June 10, 1848. Left no widow but children:
Phebe Stephens, wife of John Stephens, Joseph Chambers; Hannah Moore; Margaret Reynolds
wife of Enoch Reynolds; and John Chambers.

Clark, Alexander served in the first Batallion of Monmouth Militia. Killed in an Engagement on the High-lands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777. Left a widow named Anne and two children.
(Miscellaneous Book B, pg.3)

Clayton, Zebulon, application dated 1848
Died Oct. 27, 1836. His widow, Mary, died June 29, 1844 at Philadelphia. Their children are, therefore, applying for his pension: Ellen Broomell, widow of William Broomell; Eliza Hooper, wife of William Hooper; Maria Gillen, wife of John Gillen; Charles Clayton; Hannah Mount, widow of Michael Mount; and Clarissa Whitsell, wife of John Whitsell.

Cole, William served in the first Regiment Monmouth Militia was taken prisoner at the Highlands of Neversink on Feb. 12, 1777 and died in New York on or about Mar. 15, 1777. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 6)

Crawford, James served in the first Batallion of the Monmouth Militia was killed on the High-lands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777. Left a widow named Margaret and seven children. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 2)

Davis, Joseph served in the first Regiment of the Monmouth Militia. Taken prisoner at the High-Lands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777 and died in prison at New York on or about Mar. 11, 1777. Left a widow named Penelipy Davis. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 8)

Dennis, John (Capt.) served in the third Regiment of the Monmouth Militia. Engaged in battle at Shrewsbury Oct. 3, 1777 with a party of Refugees was wounded and taken to New York. Died at New York. Rebecca is named as the widow. (Miscellaneous Book B, p.19)

Farr, John served under the command of Capt. Joshua Huddy and was killed in the Blockhouse at Toms River on Mar. 24, 1782 and left a wife, Sarah (Bown) and 1 child. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 15)

Hendrickson, Garret (Lieut.) served in the first Regiment of the Monmouth Militia and was wounded June 21, 1780 and has lost the use of his right arm. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 10&12)

Hier, Walter served as a Militia man and on June 21, 1781 at Pleasant Valley was wounded in his right wrist by a sword or cutlass from the enemy which wound rendered his hand almost entirely useless. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 16-17)

Hibbets, James served in the first Regiment of the Monmouth Militia was taken prisoner on the Highlands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777 and carried to New York where he died. Left his widow Isabel and 5 children. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 9)

Ivins, Abel served in Fourth Jersey Regiment and was killed Sept. 13, 1777 at the Battle of Brandywine. Left his widow Valerie (Compton) and several children. (Miscellaneous Book B, pg. 4-5)

Jeffers, Francis served as a soldier in the twelve month service was on May 24, 1781 at Shrewsbury wounded in his right hand by a musket ball which has rendered the hand useless. (Miscellaneous Book B, pg. 18)

Johnson, Lambert served in the first Regiment was taken prisoner at the Highlands on Feb. 13 1777 and taken to New York where he died of the small pox on or about April 15, 1777. Left his widow Charity (Mackless) and a male child. Charity died Jan. 14, 1785. Application filed by Rachael Johnson, guardian of child (not named).

Kingsley, James served as a private soldier under Capt. Joshua Huddy killed at the Block House at Toms River on Mar 22, 1782. Names Elizabeth (Welch) his widow. (Miscellaneous Book B, pg. 31-32).

Luyster, John P. application dated 1849
Died Sept. 11, 1848 in Middletown. William Morford is applying for the pension for John's widow, Anna.

Murray, Joseph killed on his farm in Middletown by three Refugees on June 7, 1780 leaving a widow Rebekah (Morris) and 4 small children. (Miscellaneous Book B, pgs. 30-31).

Pangborn, Linus served as a militia soldier under Capt. J. Randolph. Killed on December 3, 1782 at Manahawkin leaving a widow Anna (Hazelton) and 3 children. (Miscellaneous Book B, pgs. 27-28).

Rue, Mathias served as a militia man in the 1st Regiment. Taken prisoner on Feb. 13, 1777 at the Highlands of Neversink and taken to New York where he died on Feb. 28, 1777. Left a wife Elizabeth and a small child. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 1).

Russel, John served as a militia man. Shot by the enemy in his right hip and shoulder on Mar. 13, 1780. Became considerably disabled and entitled to receive $3 per month for his disability. (Miscellaneous Book B, pgs. 46-47).

Sproul, James served as an Ensign in the 4th Regiment. Killed on June 28, 1777 at Short Hills leaving a widow Zylpha (Tilton) and 2 children. Zylpha married her second husband, Nehemiah Tilton, on December 22, 1779. (Miscellaneous Book B, pg. 22 & 24).

Stillwell, Obadiah was taken prisoner at the Highlands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777 on or about April 13, 1777 and died in New York on or about April 13, 1777. Names Mary, the widow. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 5-6)

Vanderbelt, Jane surviving widow (husband not named) died Aug. 11, 1853 in Raritan Township leaving no children.

Willett, Euphamia surviving widow (husband not named) died Feb. 8, 1849 in Middletown leaving 2 children surviving her namely Arintha Truax widow and Jacob Truax and Mary Willett.

Winter, James served in the 1st Regiment of the Monmouth Militia. Taken prisoner on Feb. 1777 at the Highlands of Neversink and that he died in New York in prison on Mar. 4, 1777. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 7)

Whitlock, John served as Second Lieut., First Battalion Monmouth Militia and was killed at the Highlands of Neversink on Feb. 13, 1777. Left a wife, Lydia, and seven children. (Miscellaneous Book B, p. 4)

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