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The spelling of a single name often varies. A last name may be spelled three different ways within the same file! To get more search results you can truncate your search by using only the first or first few letters of a last name. For example, searching for "Hendricks" could yield results for "Hendricks," "Hendricksen," "Hendrickson," etc. Furthermore, searching for "Hendr" could yield results for all of the above plus "Hendreckson," "Hendrikson," etc.

A note about the Marriage Returns database:
This online searchable database was created from the actual loose papers which the officiates were required by law to submit to the County Clerk. At that time, the clerk's office would enter the information from the paper into a marriage book. Occasionally, an officiate's paper would get misplaced but the information was recorded in the marriage book. Archives staff is currently working on verifying all marriages in the six Marriage Books, 1795-1892. Additional marriages found in the books but not in the loose papers will be uploaded to the online searchable marriage database after the Archives staff completes the verification process. Until the additional records are uploaded, you can contact us to see if we have a marriage record that is not in the current searchable database.

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