The County of Monmouth maintains this website to give the public access to information about various County employment opportunities. This is a service that is continually under development. While we try to keep the information timely and accurate, this page contains links to other sites and the County assumes no responsibility for any errors appearing in rules or otherwise. Job posting information will be updated periodically and will be removed when the job is filled.

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Assistant Chief Recreation Therapist FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$19.629/hr
Assistant Supervisor of Patient Accounts FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$35,000
Building Maintenance Worker FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$10.729/hr
Clerk 1 FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$9.900/hr
Clerk 1 PT Temp21.00 w/o Benefits$9.900/hr
Compactor Truck Driver FT40.00$36,500
Cook FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$13.541/hr
Cook PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$13.541/hr
Data Processing Programmer FT35.00$36,000 - $52,000
Food Service Worker FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$10.729/hr
Food Service Worker PT Temporary21.00 w/o Med. Benefits$10.729/hr
Head Nurse FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$31.149/hr
Head Nurse PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$31.149/hr
Institutional Attendant FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$9.538/hr
Institutional Attendant FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$9.538/hr
Linen Room Attendant PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$10.729/hr
Maintenance Repairer FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$12.653/hr
Maintenance Repairer Low Pressure License FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$13.202/hr
Medical Director FT Temporaryvaries w/o Med. Benefits$18,000
Medical Director PT Temp21.00 w/o Benefits$35,000
Motor Vehicle Operator, Elderly & Handicapped Persons FT40.00$27,500
Nurses Aide FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$15.227/hr
Nurses Aide PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$15.227/hr
Practical Nurse FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$22.917/hr
Practical Nurse PT Temporary21.00 w/o Med. Benefits$22.917/hr
Principal Engineer FT40.00 
Recreation Therapy Aide FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$10.729/hr
Recreation Therapy Aide PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$10.729/hr
Senior Traffic Engineer FT35.00 
Supervising Omni Bus Operator FT40.00$32,960
Supervisor of Nurses FT Temporary35.00 w/o Benefits$34.404/hr
Supervisor of Nurses PT Temporary21.00 w/o Benefits$34.404/hr

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